I remember when I was 6 years old wearing my favorite cotton dress with wide blue and white stripes. I smell the lush, green grass, under the shade of trees. I stretch my arms wide and twirl and spin. I feel the breeze on my skin, my hair flies around my head, colors blur, I feel a little dizzy. At that moment I’m – almost – floating. It’s both thrilling and frightening to feel that free. My goal with my painting is to glimpse a bit of that feeling by loosening the ties that bind that are dictated externally and internally, to break the rules, to risk failure in order to fly.

I grew up in Yonkers NY and became interested in photography in high school. I taught myself how to take an interesting picture and a classmate taught me to develop and print black and white photographs. I began to look at my environment, for the first time, with an aesthetic eye, in terms of compositional elements, light and dark, area of focus, etc. I attended the State University of New York at Purchase to study art where we were encouraged to take risks and create without self-imposed limits. I studied photography as well as painting, and other media, which opened up a whole new world for me. Now I create mixed media pieces combining acrylic paint, paper and graphite or ink. I have lived and worked in New York City since 1980. 


Much of my work is about my process, my fingerprint, my handwriting. I enjoy pushing my own boundaries, trying different techniques, avoiding that comfortable place, setting new challenges for myself. My work ranges from purely abstract to objective, using a face, figure or landscape as a familiar structure to explore and stretch with abstract interpretations. 



Laura Salzberg

New York City



1979 SUNY at Purchase  BFA in Visual Arts

1983 Bank Street College of Education  MS in Special Education

2009 - present  The Art Studio New York

Spring 2018   Art2life Creative Visionary Path



2018 Catalyst Gallery Annual Small Works Show

2018 Atlantic Gallery Small Works Big Hearts

2018 Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery

2014 The Art Studio New York Gallery

2012 The Art Studio New York Gallery

1979 Neuberger Museum



2018 Album Cover Art for Connections CD  by Bill Stevens, New York City

2018 DVD Cover Art for  Music For Dance  by Bill Stevens, New York City

2016 Album Cover Art for Spoken Word Project CD  by Bill Stevens, New York City